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NEW RELEASE - MONSTERS, INC. MIKE AND SULLEY TO THE RESCUE - Climb in a taxicab and explore the world of Monsters, Inc. Viewers will venture through the history and enjoy a complete ride-thru. This documentary features an interview with the voice of Boo, Mary Gibbs, and Audio-Animatronic Builder Garner Holt. Together they assist in sharing their story. To get your copy click HERE.
Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue is narrated by talented voice over artist Jason Braden and features an
interview with Mary Gibbs (voice of Boo) and Garner Holt (Audio-Animatronic builder).




Dark Ride - Monsters Inc.png

MONSTERS, INC. MIKE AND SULLEY TO THE RESCUE - Join us as we pile into a six seater cab and journey through the town of Monstropulus, searching for a sweet child. We will explore the history of this whimsical attraction; take a look at the rides earlier  incarnation, Superstar Limo; and watch the new attraction come to existence. We will witness the concepts, construction and enjoy a complete ride-thru. It also features an interview with the voice of Boo, Mary Gibbs, and animatronic builder Garner Holt  clicking HERE.

Walking Through Fun Facts Adventureland.png

WALK THROUGH FUN FACTS: ADVENTURELAND - A collaborated project that has Samantha Mlodecki narrate the history of the attraction(s) while Joshua Shaffer unveils fun facts. This charming disc walks through all of Adventure's rides, stops at the two restaurants, and travels through the Bazaar. This is a fun and informative DVD. The first of a new series.

Get your copy by clicking HERE.

Dark Ride - Snow Whites Enchanted Wish.png

THE DARK RIDE SERIES - Join Theme Parkology as we explore the history of one of Disneyland's most whimsical attraction, Snow White's Enchanted Wish. This documentary will unveil what it took to get this attraction up and running for the parks opening day. We will also explore the attraction's renovations, the addition of animated screens, and the many replicas at the various Disney parks.

Get your copy by clicking HERE.

1964 New York Worlds Fair I.png

THE THEME PARK SERIES: 1964/65 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR: PEACE THROUGH UNDERSTANDING - This amazing disc take a look back to the impressive world's fair and highlights General Motors 
, IBM Corporation, Bell System, New York State, Sinclair Oil Corporation, and and the symbolic display of the Unisphere.

Get your copy by clicking HERE.


DISNEYLAND ENTERTAINMENT: FANTASMIC! - This is a very charming DVD that looks into the history of the popular Disneyland water show. It highlights the many special effects that includes fireworks, water effects, Disney characters, live performers, lasers, colorful lights, smoke screens, classic animation, search lights, pyrotechnics, majestic music, and an impressive audio-animatronic dragon. It also covers the various show at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney Tokyo Sea. To get your copy today by clicking HERE.

Disney California Advenure part 2.png

DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE (PART TWO) - The history of Disney California Adventure continues with the sequel. This second edition will journey through the history of Cars Land, Pacific Wharf, Grizzly Peak, and Condor Flats. This documentary follows the many changes that have occurred since the parks 2001 opening which includes; new restaurants, attractions, and entertainment  through each of the lands. In some cases the attractions have added additions and improvements. To get your copy click HERE.


New Disney Era Set 7.jpg
The Dark Ride Series is an amazing collection of attractions that we have all come to love and enjoy. Added to the series is Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue. To begin your collection click HERE.
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