NEW RELEASE - Just in time for the haunted Halloween season the audio CD of The Backstory: The Haunted Mansion. This disc shares the many fictitious story's of the manor which includes Captain Gore, Bloodmere Manor, and the residence within the Antebellum mansion such as George Gracey, Erasmus Cromwell Pickwick, Constance Hatchaway, and three hitchhiking ghosts Phineas, Ezra, and Gus. You can get this project as a CD or for your convenience downloadable. To order your copy click HERE.
This enjoyable audio CD is voiced by the talented Jason Braden and is offered as a CD or a downloadable file. This is a great way to enjoy the hauntedly-good stories of The Haunted Mansion.


Explore if you dare the many fictional stories of The Haunted Mansion


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THE BACKSTORY: THE HAUNTED MANSION - This audio CD shares several fictitious stories that Disney has created to intertwine with the attraction. Within this disc is the story of Captain Gore (the previous owner of the manor), the history of the Antebellum mansion, and the tale of the white mansion's residences such as George Gracey (who resided in the manor after its moved to Anaheim, Constance Hatchaway (a bride who was unlucky in love), Madame Leota (a unique individual who

owned a unique shop called Memento Mori Curious and Curiosities), and the three hitchhiking ghosts Phineas, Ezra, and Guss, all of whom have a very interesting history with unfortunate demises. 

This is a very entertaining audio CD that is voiced by the talented Jason Braden who was kind enough to voice several character.  But wait, there's more.

This charming CD is now offered as a downloadable file so you can easily save it on your computer or cell phone for even more easy listening. To order your copy click HERE.

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THE HAUNTED MANSION - I have re-released the documented history of the Haunted Mansion that explores the manors from its early conception. It follows the progress, construction, and the changes through the years. It also feature three interviews which include Jeff Baham (the host of, Bob Gurr (Disney Legend and Imagineer), and Rolly Crump (Disney Legend and Imagineer).

This is an amazing disc that is narrated by voice over artist Bobby Baker and written by Carla Minks. It is the first installment with a new episode coming out in November. To order your copy click HERE.

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RIDE-THRU: A BUG'S LAND - Another Ride-Thru installment has just been release. This time it's the missed land of A Bug's Land that resided in Disney California Adventure. Join us as we board the Flik's Flyers, Heimlich's Chew Chew Train, Francis' Ladybug Boogie, and Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies. We will also step into Princess Dot Puddle Park and enjoy the theatrical show It's Tough To Be A Bug. This is a fantastic way to view all of the attractions within A Bug's Land. To order your copy please click HERE.

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The unBELIEVABLE Talent of Ron Dias - This new documentary follows the works of animator and illustrator Ron Dias. He has worked for such impressive companies as Disney, UPA Studios, Don Bluth, and Hanna Barbera, where he was able to work on such iconic television shows as Jonny Quest, The Pink Panther, The Flintstones, Herculoids, Space Ghost, The Banana Splits, Godzilla, The Super Friends, Scooby-Doo Where Are You, and The Little Mermaid to name a few. To order you historic copy click HERE.

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RIDE-THRU: MISSED ATTRACTIONS #2 - The next Ride-Thru installment is here, the Ride-Thru: Missed Attraction #2. This disc include four more attractions long gone and long missed; the finger-snapping Country Bears Jamboree (1972-2001), the exciting Mission to Mars (1975-1992), the charming America Sings (1974-1988), and thrilling Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland (1956-1977). This is an amazing way to revisit your favorite gone but not forgotten missed attractions. To order your copy click HERE.

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THE CHARACTER SERIES: PETER PAN - NEVER GROW UP - The character saga continues with an in depth look into the history of Peter Pan, beginning with the writings of J. M. Barrie, to the Walt Disney animated films, to the use of the character through various medias. This disc shares an interview with Blayne Weaver (voice of Peter Pan in Peter Pan: Return to Neverland), Roland Dupree (the original reference model for Peter Pan), and Margaret Kerry (the original reference model for Tinker Peter Pan).

THE CHARACTER SERIES: SET - I have opened the Theme Parkology Vault and dusted off the previous Character DVDs. Now you can either purchase each entry on its own or get the whole set at a discount. This set includes Peter Pan: Never Grow Up, Tinker Bell: The Story Behind the Pixie Dust (interview with the original reference model for Tinker Bell in the 1953 animated film Peter Pan), Jiminy Cricket: A Journey of Conscience (interview with the voice of Jiminy Cricket Eddie Carroll), Goofy: Just Goofin' Around (inter-
view with the voice of Goofy Bill Farmer), and Betty Boop: What a Gal!
(interview with Desiree Goyette, the voice of Betty Boop in The Romance
of Betty Boop).

This is a great series with more addition coming soon. To order your
copy(s) click HERE.

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THE REVISE THEME PARK SERIES COVERS is coming back with a better color scheme. Both the cover and the DVD disc will have better vibrate colors. The most notable change is the letter that was on the spine, which when the series is put together spells "D-I-S-N-E-Y". This was taken away as I plan to produce another installment, Disneyland 2010-2019.
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