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NEW RELEASE - The Land Series: Frontierland takes viewers through the history of Disneyland's western theme land Frontierland. We will explore the changes with the Mark Twain River-boat, the Sailing Ship Columbia, Tom Sawyer Island, the Rivers of America, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic, and more. This is a great way to view the land's progress,

To order your copy click HERE.
The Land Series continues with a look into the changes through Frontierland and share an interview with Ben Colcol, Tom Nabbe, Joshua Shaffer, and Tony Baxter.




Ride-Thru Missed Attractions #3.png

RIDE-THRU: MISSED ATTRACTION #3 - This disc shares the complete ride thru of five missed Disneyland attractions that includes; - the adventurous walkthrough of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the charming Tarzan’s Treehouse, the whimsical Jolly Trolley, the thrilling Rocket Jets, and the wonderful discoveries within Innoventions.  This is a great disc to relive those long closed attractions that Disney fans miss. So climb aboard the Ride-Thru series express and get your copy today by clicking HERE.

Parade 1.png

THE PARADE SERIES #1 - This marks the very first installment of The Parade Series and shares a complete parade-thru of Parade of the Stars (2000-2005), Parade of Dreams (2005-2008), A Christmas Fantasy Parade (2008), and Celebrate! A Street Party (2009-2010). What better way to enjoy a parade that to have front row seats at your television screen, watching the amazing floats flow down Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A., while you tap you feet and sing to the charming songs of your favorite parade.  To order your copy click HERE.

Disneyland 2010-2019.png

DISNEYLAND 2010-2019 - The last installment of the Disneyland series is finally here. Just in time for the holidays. This exciting disc shares the many changes that occurred with the second millennium decade with shops that closed, new eateries, upgrades on several attractions, and the construction of the land Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. This series is a fantastic way to explore the changes from 1955-2019. You can order this DVD or the completer set, which is an entertaining series or makes for the perfect Christmas gift. To order your copy click HERE.

Adventures Through Inner Space.png

ADVENTURES THRIUGH INNER SPACE - This charming audio CD explores the history of this missed attraction that closed down in 1985. It follows the concept and construction of the ride as well as a tour onboard an Atomobile, which allowed guests  to shrink down to the size of an atom and travel through a snowflake. This disc features a rare interview with Bob Gurr (Disney Legend and Imagineer), and Alan Coats (Disney Imagineer). 

This is a spectacular CD is narrated by voice over artist Jason Braden as Yugo Small and was written by yours truly.  To order your copy click HERE.


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the ride-thru series - The complete RIDE-Thru series is a must have for every Disney fan. Relive the attractions from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Click HERE.
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