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NEW RELEASE - Disney California Adventure (part two) travels through the history of four of its lands; the whimsical Cars Land, the delicious food court of Pacific Wharf, the adventurous Grizzly Peaks, and the charming Condor Flats. All of these amazing land have interesting histories of changes including rides converted, omitted, and constructed, and the success of some areas while failures of others.

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This is an amazing documentary that you don't want to miss out on. And don't forget to get your copy of the first installment Disney California Adventure (part one)




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DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE (PART TWO) - The history of Disney California Adventure continues with the sequel. This second edition will journey through the history of Cars Land, Pacific Wharf, Grizzly Peak, and Condor Flats. This documentary follows the many changes that have occurred since the parks 2001 opening which includes; new restaurants, attractions, and entertainment  through each of the lands. In some cases the attractions have added additions and improvements. To get your copy click HERE.

Ride-Thru Missed Attractions #4.png

RIDE-THRU: MISSED ATTRACTION #4 - A new Ride-Thru Missed Attraction is here for you all to enjoy. Within this disc are five more attractions and entertaining shows that we all loved. It includes the shoulder crashing Mulholland Madness, the dizzying Orange Stinger, the charming SS Rustworthy, the very impressive LuminAria, and the electrifying Electrical Parade. These attractions and entertaining shows are sorely missed, but you can relive the magical moments when they were in operation at Disney California Adventure. To get your copy click HERE.

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RIDE-THRU: PARADISE GARDENS - The Ride-Thru saga continues with a complete ride through every attraction within Disney California Adventure's charming land Paradise Gardens. This disc includes the jolting Goofy's Sky School, the thrilling Silly Symphony Swings, the cute Jumpin' Jellyfish, the classic Golden Zephyr, the amazing The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure, and epic World of Color. Now you can board all these attraction within one disc. To order your copy please click HERE.

Frontier Village.png

THE THEME PARK SERIES: FRONTIER VILLAGE - This rootin', tootin, charming documented DVD travels through the history of this western theme park that resided in sun California in a town called San Jose. Its gates opened in 1961 and closed in 1980 and was filled with thrilling attractions that blended in flawlessly with the theme of the park. This disc shares an interview with Doug Hagdaul, Ed Hutton, Eugene Gilbert, Randal Mitchell, Shaughnessy McGehee, Alan Weitzel, Warren Weitzel, and Wild Bill Kesley, all who worked there. Get your copy by clicking HERE.

Ride-Thru Missed Attractions #3.png

RIDE-THRU: MISSED ATTRACTION #3 - This disc shares the complete ride thru of five missed Disneyland attractions that includes; - the adventurous walkthrough of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the charming Tarzan’s Treehouse, the whimsical Jolly Trolley, the thrilling Rocket Jets, and the wonderful discoveries within Innoventions.  This is a great disc to relive those long closed attractions that Disney fans miss. So climb aboard the Ride-Thru series express and get your copy today by clicking HERE.


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The Forgotten Attraction series travels back to the past when these various rides were in full operation and enjoyed by all theme park guests. Click HERE.
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