Theme Parkology has renamed the upcoming network service. It is now called Theme Streaming and it will be activated July 15. It will feature five shows on it's debut and then every day or so a new show will be unveiled. I would love to have your feedback, thoughts, and ideas once the new platform is up and running.

A few months ago I took The Scene page down. I was in the middle of creating TPN and didn't have time to update it. I am happy to report that

The Scene page has not only returned, but has been updated. I am considering adding video teasers of the many projects that I am working on. Now I have the perfect place to place them. Enjoy!

I am thrilled to announce that Living the Dream Podcast will be coming to the Theme Parkology Network. This is an amazing show with host Krista Joy and Joe Pardo. Together they discuss all things Disney and interview many of the talent within the Disney community such as; Jeffrey Barnes, Michael Broggie, Lee Douglas, and so many more.

I am very pleased to announce that the first documentary for 2020 has finally arrived, Disneyland 2000-2009. This DVD shares the many changes that occurred within the first ten years of the new millennium including the new parades, shops, eateries, and the addition of the three new rides. To order your DVD click HERE.

To celebrate the conclusion of the Disneyland series I am offering an incredible saving on all six DVDs; Disneyland 1955-1959, Disneyland 1960-1969, Disneyland 1970-1979, Disneyland 1980-1989, Disneyland 1990-1999, and Disneyland 2000-2009. You have the complete send for a low price that equals savings. To order your set click HERE.

Coming soon the historic telling of Disneyland's charming attraction The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Theme Parkology will dig into the story of this attraction, exploring the concepts, why it took so long to be build, it's construction, and visit the many Winnie the Pooh attractions around the various Disney parks.

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