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Welcome to Boo Grown Up, a vlog of the sweet young Mary Gibbs, the voice of Boo from Monsters, Inc. Mary is all grown up and has many adventurous stories to share with you. I know that once you hear all about Mary incredible journey you will fall in love with her once again.

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Within this episode Mary share her thoughts about the Pixar Theory. Are the pixar characters connected to each other through the films? 

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Here is another thrilling adventure of the voice of Boo, Mary Gibbs. Within this episode Mary shares her travel story to the Dominican Republic.

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This exciting episode share Mary's first start-up business. She talks about how she got started, what some of the low points, and the lesson she learned.

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For this next installment Mary shares the story of her struggle with Scoliosis and her amazing recovery. This is a great story.

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For Mary's first episode she is sharing her amazing story of what it was like working for Pixar's animated hit film Monsters, Inc.

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