Dark Park - this audio show is the tale of Ray, a teenager who discovers that the old theme park at the edge of town is about to reopen which will change his life forever. What follows through Ray’s adventure is death escaping paths, twists at every turn, attractions functioning with a purpose, and dark secrets unveiled. He soon learns that the park went dark long before the lights went out decades ago! 

Do You Like Fun Facts - join Joshua Shaffer, author of Discovering the Magic Kingdom, as he explores the many secrets and fun facts of Disney attractions and films. He shares several informative facts about such attractions as The Haunted Mansion, The Jungle Cruise, it's a small world, and Space Mountain, to name a few.

The Magic Behind the Ears - Joshua Shaffer and I team up to interview various talented artists’ within this charming podcast. Such guests include; Susan Egan (voice of Meg from Hercules), Mark Walsh (Director and animator for Pixar), Margaret Kerry (reference model for Tinker Bell), and Rolly Crump (Disney Legend and Imagineer).

The Adventures of… Podcast - hosted by Peter Alden and Pete Gould, shares the history and stories of favorite superheroes in films, television and radio shows, vinyls, commercials, and comic books. They will also have special guests such as; John Davey (Shazam), Burt Ward (Robin), Kathy Garver (Firestorm), and Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman).

The Force Perspective - host C. Andrew Nelson is a veteran of the entertainment industry having worked for Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Industrial Light Magic, Marvel, Fox, Hasbro Interactive, EA, Sony Pictures, and Disney. His show will look into all things Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Marvel, sharing a unique take on the Walt Disney Company and the world of showbiz as a whole.

Voicing Your Talent - hosted by the talented Jacquelyn Liz, this show will explore the world of voice over artists, uncovering what it takes to succeed in the narrative business. She has many guests lined up, all of whom are eager to share their stories of voicing projects and the many secrets and do's and don'ts of the business.


Moments with Bob Gurr - Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr shares the many stories and projects that he done throughout his impressive career. Such projects as; King Kong Encounter, Godzilla, Autopia, Carousel of Progress, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Submarine Voyage, The Jungle Cruise, and a real flying UFO.

Legendneers - travels through the Happiest Place on Earth, looking at the many thrilling attractions, exploring the history and/or a story about that particular attraction told by the Legend/Imagineer who worked on it. Such Legendneers include; Bob Gurr, Rolly Crump, Garner Holt, Ben Colcol, Alan Coats, and Tony Baxter.

Dining at the Mouse House - join us as we take a break from the entertaining shows, attractions, and parades of a theme park and visit a specific eatery, sharing its history, and trying out the food there. We will give viewers an honest review of the restaurant within a the many theme parks.

The Secrets of Disneyland (the series) - the many fun facts and secrets of Disneyland will continue to be unveiled as we share travel through the many lands of the park, digging up some known facts and some not-so-known facts. There will also be interviews from various individuals who have knowledge of these secrets.


Off the Road Attraction - will journey across America to discover the many side-attractions that can be found off the highway, and believe me there are many. Such charming places include; Alien Beef Jerky (Nevada), The Mystery Spot (California), Playland Not at the Beach (California), and so many more.

Hey, I Like that Ride - this show will focus on various attractions and try to discover why we love a particular ride. Journey through such adventurous attractions as; Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland), it’s a small world (Disney parks), and we may even explore outside of the Disney parks.


Tales Behind the Screen - special interviews with the talented actors, directors, animators, etc… that are affiliated with various television, film and/or radio shows. Such as Margaret Kerry (Space Angel and Clutch Cargo), Victoria Paige Meyerink (Speedway with Elvis Presly), and C. Andrew Nelson (Star Wars saga).

The Animated Tales - this series will focus on the many animators, illustrators, writers, sketch artists, and just about anyone related to an animated feature. Such guests will include; Bill Farmer (Disney), Floyd Norman (Disney, Hanna Barbera, UPA Pictures), Ron Dias (Disney, Hanna Barbera, Don Bluth), and Willie Ito (Disney, Hanna Barbera).

The Creative Side - this is a very special show that shares the talent of painters, sculptures, designers, comic book inkers, and so many more. We will interview the talent behind such people as; Rick Law (illustrator), Tom Matousek (painter), Traci Hines (clothes designer), and Terri Hardin (sculpture).

Star Wars: Beyond the Stars - this show will take us to a galaxy far far away, the world of Star Wars. This show will sit down and interview various individuals who have contributed to the Star Wars Universe, such as; C. Andrew Nelson (Darth Vader), Mike Quinn (Nien Numb), Alan Fernandes (Tuskin Rider), and Margo Apostolos (Ewok).

Meet the Theme Team - this show will give you insight of the team that assists in making the many Theme Parkology projects a reality. You will have  a personal invite to meet the people that make the magic happen such as; Krista Joy (writer, host, narrator), Samantha Alben (writer), James Presley (musician), and C. Andrew Nelson (writer, editor, animator).

extraORDINARY people - this is a very special project that comes straight from the heart. This series will introduce you to ordinary people who do incredible things to help man kind. For example David Watkins will melt your heart as he dresses up as Batman, along with his friends

Steve (Superman) and Dan (Captain America) to deliver teddy bears to sick children.


Preseley's Project - I am very excited about this project as musician James Presley will be sharing his Disney Indy music, sharing interviews about what inspired him to create these Disney songs, what were the roads he took to get each project done, and what will his next amazing project be. He will also share some of his work like The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, and Let's Go Fly A Kite.

Park Hoppin' Party - shares the playfulness of producer/singer/editor Mike Kelley, who has agreed to allow Theme Parkology to share several of his whimsical videos. I know you will all enjoy his parody of Gangnam Small World Style, Park Hoppin’ Treatment Centers of America, and his funny commercials.

A Night Out with... - will share the talent behind some amazing singers. Each singer will highlight a few of their songs, sharing the meaning behind them and why they decided to record it. They will also perform their songs for your entertainment and of course offer you an exclusive Theme Parkology deal on their CD.

Singing with Friends - this series will introduce you all to the many talent that will be donating their time and vocals for a Disney cover charity CD. Such talented artists include; Peter Alden, Butch Berry, Ivy Rose Malanson, and Veronica Loud, to name a few. All proceeds from this magical CD will go to the Children's Hospital.


Theme Parkology has preserved the history of theme parks and its attraction within 45 documented DVDs


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Theme Parkology assists in preserving the history and stories regarding theme parks, attractions, characters, legends, and animators.

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