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Looking for a fun page to party with? Well then you have come to the right page. Welcome to Park Hoppin' Party, the page that highlights the artist music and antics of Mike Kelley. Here you will see and hear fun parody's, whimsical commercials, and entertaining interviews. This is Mike's page to have fun with.

EPISODE ONE: Theme Parkology in association with Park Hoppin' Party presents Gangnom Style: Small World Style, which is a Disney theme parody to PSY's hit busting song Gangnom Style.

Mike Kelley has done an amazing job with the lyrics, the dancing, the filming, and the editing. I am sure you will all enjoy the rhythmic sounds of this very mesmerizing parody.

EPISODE TWO: The crazy antics of actor and producer Mike Kelley is at it again with an original skit that takes a look at a cure for those who suffer from missing Disneyland.

This episode is entitled Nip It as the skit concludes with a song that Mike wrote and sings on, along with his band of trusty Disney fans. This is definitely a must watch.

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