It was a dream come true for Walt and now you can have a piece of the experience for your very own! Discover the story behind the making of Disneyland, a place parents could truly enjoy with their children. You will be taken back to 1955 and through to 1959 revisiting the first 5 years of the most magical, happiest place on earth, Disneyland!


Make sure to complete the full experience with the rest of the collection! Theme Parkology takes you through to 1999 with a series of DVD's just as magical as this first one!

Disneyland 1955-1959

  • Each packaging may take up to 2 days to ship out. If a holiday occurs than package will ship out the following Post Office working day.


Theme Parkology has preserved the history of theme parks and its attraction within 45 documented DVDs


- Theme Park

- Attraction

- Dark Ride

- Forgotten Attraction

- Theme Parkology Presents

- Ride-Thru


Theme Parkology assists in preserving the history and stories regarding theme parks, attractions, characters, legends, and animators.

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