As a fan of documentaries, I love reading, researching, and even producing projects                            off of top stories. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Top Disney, written by                              author Christopher Lucas.


                          Christopher Lucas’ new book, Top Disney, captures the top ten topics of all things                              Disney. In my opinion, it’s a great beginning to various stories, it educates, and is                              just good ol’ fashion reading.


Top Disney list off such categories as; Top 10 Animated Films, Top 10 Silly Symphonies Shorts, and Top 10 Animated Female Disney Villain, to name a few. Each page is a page turner, filled with Top 10 information. I found myself immersed in every page.


Most noteworthy are the Top 10s regarding Walt Disney and his company. There are seven entries on Walt Disney such as; Top 10 Walt Disney Quotes, and Top 10 Key Moments in Walt Disney’s Life. Within the Disney Company section are such entries as; Top 10 Disney Artist/Animators, Top 10 Disney Legends who Should be Better Known, and Most Informative Films about the Disney Company. All topics that I wanted to know. Brilliant!


This book really has it all. It was a fantastic read. Who knows, I may have to use Top Disney as research material for upcoming project(s). I thoroughly enjoyed Christopher Lucas’ Top Disney book and would highly recommend it to any and all Disney fans.


This book really needs to be on your bookshelf.

Order your Top Disney copy HERE.


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