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Like what we're doing? Want to be part of the magic? You can help Theme Parkology get upcoming projects  completed, and receive some wonderful exclusive benefits in the process by becoming a Theme Parkology sponsor!


Each sponsor who donates funds towards an upcoming Theme Parkology project will receive a special thanks in that project’s credits, a personalized newsletter featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the making of that specific venture, and a copy of the finished project signed by me. I may even throw in a surprise or two.


A lot goes into the development, production, and release of each new Theme Parkology project. Writers, artists, animators, and voice-over talent must be hired. Guest interviews need to be conducted. Videographers and photographers need to shoot footage and images for us. And the DVDs and magazine have to be printed, packaged, and shipped. It all adds up, but that's what has to transpire in order to make the magic happen.


To assist in making magic happen click onto the project of your choice.

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