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I am pleased to announce that Theme Parkology will be adding a whole new series to its roster, The Land Series. This series will explore each of Disneyland's lands, detailing the history of each attraction within it. In some of the lands we will explore the eateries as well as as some of the shops. Each land will also feature an interview with a Disney Legend, Imagineer, or someone who worked there, which will enhance the history of the land. The next installment will be Adventureland. 

Friends of Theme Parkology: Pledge $25

Receive special thank you in project credits, a personalized newsletter, and a signed copy of the finished project by Disney Imagineer Alan Coats.

Associate Producer: Pledge $50

Receive "Associate Producer" credit, personalized newsletter, signed copy of finished project by Disney Imagineer Alan Coats, and a copy of the third installment The Land Series: Cars Land.

Your contribution will not only assist in getting the project completed, but will also give you some unique thank you gifts. Your sponsor is very much needed and appreciated.

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