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WELCOME to the Student Spotlight page. This is a very special page where actress/model/voice over artist Jan Haley Soule host a show highlighting talented voice over actors. Jan shares the spotlight with many talented artists allowing viewers to learn more about the artist and their talent. 
EPISODE FOUR: Joining host Jan Haley-Soule is the talented voice over artist Krystal Chiarolla. She has voiced many podcast shows and commercials. She discusses what it's like to be a voice over artists.
EPISODE THREE: Here is another episode of Student Spotlight Sunday with special guest Patrick Kerr, who voiced Detective Brennan in the murder mystery podcast Sir-Real. He sat down with host Jan to discuss his vocal talent.
EPISODE TWO: Within this episode of Student Spotlight Sunday is voice over artist Tim Jackson. Tim has voiced many audio books, commercials, and several narrative projects. This interview gives you insight within the world of voice over.
EPISODE ONE: For the first excited episode of Student Spotlight Sunday Jan sits down with the talented Leah Beth Brown and discuss some of the exciting projects that Leah has worked on including her novel Wanders Pass.
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