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Theme Parkology has preserved the history of theme parks and its attraction within 45 documented DVDs

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- Attraction

- Dark Ride

- Forgotten Attraction

- Theme Parkology Presents

- Untold Treasures

Theme Parkology assists in preserving the history and stories regarding theme parks, attractions, characters, legends, and animators.

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Theme Parkology Radio is finally here for your listening pleasure. There are so many good shows released and so many NEW ones in the works. Please take a moment to click around and get familiar with the shows. I will add new shows and/or episodes every month. I am confident that in no time at all you will become a fan of Theme Parkology Radio.

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Welcome to Do You Like Fun Facts, hosted by the Author of Discovering the Magic Kingdom, Joshua Shaffer. Follow Joshua as he shares the many fun facts about Disneyland's land, attractions, and entertainment, and every so often the topics will range from music to television to films.


So click on in and remember to keep your arms and legs in at all times.

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I love podcasts. Chances are so do you. So, I decided to bring back my charming show called The Magic Behind the Ears Podcast. These are amazing episode with Author Joshua Shaffer as my co-host, interviewing some really talented people and discovering their exciting career.

Go ahead and click on in.