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I love producing and editing Theme Parkology DVDs. They really are the backbone to this company, but there are also the trading cards, the magazine, and the streaming service. What does it take to produce these amazing projects? This show will attempt to show you the many steps that it takes to make my ideas into a real reality. It will venture through the process of creating Theme Parkology.

The Land Series: New Orleans Square explores the history of Disneyland's jazzy land, following its concept, construction, and the many changes that occurred trough the years. It features an interview with Joshua Shaffer (Author of Discovering the Magic Kingdom, Bob Gurr (Disney Legend & Imagineer), and Rolly Crump (Disney Legend & Imagineer).

Astro Orbiter originally began as the Astro Jets in 1956 within Tomorrowland at Walt Disney's Disneyland. Through the years the bucket jets changed colors, style, and location before it landed at the entryway of the futuristic land, know known as Astro Orbiter. Join us as we explore the history with a great interview with Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr.

The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh found its way to Disneyland in 2003 which is 4 years after it made its debut at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Join Theme Parkology as we discover the whimsical history and construction of the Winnie the Pooh attraction filled with charming scenes from several of the animated series, which features Pooh Bear and his friends.

Universal Studios was built as an idea that grew to be one of the world's largest filming studio and family entertainment. This doc shares the history of the filming company turned them park wonderment and features an interview with Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr, who worked on The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular and King Kong Encounter.

Ariel's Undersea Adventures is a great family attraction within Disney California Adventure.

This charming documentary features the history of this attraction, exploring its ideas, construction, and the many changes that has occurred through the years. I also shares an interview with Audio-Animatronic builder Garner Holt and the late Disney artist Ron Dias, who worked on the animated Little Mermaid television show.

Splash Mountain is one of those Disneyland iconic attractions. This documentary covers the flume attraction, discovering the history and origins of the ride. It also explores the many changes through the years and compares the other Disney versions of this attraction. I am thrill to say that there is a very good interview with Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin who worked on several aspect of this attraction

Peter Pan's Flight is a charming dark ride that allows guests to relive the world of Peter Pan while floating up into the air in a pirate ship. Discover the history of the attractions as we explore its concept, its construction, its changes and the differences between the many Disney parks. This documentary was written and narrated by Krista Joy, and shares an animate intro and outro by C. Andrew Nelson.

Pirates of the Caribbean is not only a fan favorite attraction for many Disneyland fans, but it is a personal favorite of mine. This teaser is of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that was edited by actor/voice over actor/visual effect artist C. Andrew Nelson. This charming swash buckling doc shares the history of the attractions ranging from its concepts to construction.

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