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                                               I have heard a lot of rumors about Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge. Many people were                                                           saying that the land lacks personality and that the attraction within was just a rip off                                                         version of Tomorrowland's Star Tours. I decided the best review for me is one from                                                           myself, so I went to Disneyland and headed straight for Galaxy's Edge.
                                               My first impression as the new land unfolded was, "Whoa!" Upon entering the bridge-                                                     way entrance to the Sci-Fi land, I was speechless. It feels like I just stepped into a city from in another planet. The city of Batuu is stunning. The details are standard Disney perfection and the concept is riveting. As we strolled through the market arena I found myself want to look at every detailed building structure, inspect all of the merchandise, and taste all of the "questionable" good-looking food. However, I was on a quest to try the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction.
The wait time for Smugglers Run said it was a 70 minute wait, but it was only about a 55
minute wait. The time passed by fairly quickly. There are so many props to look at and one
can easily loose track of time by gazing at the landscape or at the impressive Millennium
Falcon. Once inside the Falcon my mouth dropped. It was spectacular. There were a lot of
props and and a fantastic Audio-Animatronic of Hondo Ohnaka, a character from the Star
Wars animated series. I must say that the Audio-Animatronic has come a long was. The
figure moved smoothly and I could have sworn it walked.
The attraction itself is a interactive simulated ride. There are six individual per cockpit; two of them are the pilot and co-pilot, two are the guns-men, and the remaining two maintain the condition of Millennium Falcon. The crew is instructed to hijack various cargo. me and my crew quickly hyperspace through the galaxy and found our first cargo. My wife and I were the pilot and co-pilot so we maneuvered through the city chasing a cargo transport, while my daughter and her boyfriend shot down any one trying to stop us, and the pair of maintenance made sure our craft held together. It is a fantastic attraction. I can't wait to go on it again.
                                               As we exited the Falcon I was treated to more impressive landscape of Batuu. The many                                                 shops that were there were enticing and the eateries were inviting. The land reminded                                                     me of a market arena, filled with lots of Disney/Star Wars products such as stuffed                                                             figures, clothing, toys (lots of toys), and even a lightsaber. I regret to say that we didn't                                                     try any of the food. I would have loved to try Oga’s Cantina or The Milk Stand, but it just                                                 so happened to be one of those rare days when Disneyland was empty. So, my group                                                     and I decided to visit the rest of the park and to take advantage of the short attraction line wait times. However, as I exited Galaxy's Edge, stepping back into Disney's other worlds, I couldn't help but feel like I need to come back to further explore.
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