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Meet the Legendneers! Part Legend, part Imagineer. Here we'll share interviews with the individuals who worked on the many Disney projects, be it an attraction, an audio-animatronic figure, or designed elements of the park. This is the page to hear the original Legends/Imagineers describe their work in their own words.

You can now order the complete season one of Legendneers which includes all five episodes, plus an extra episode that won't be aired. This is a great way to discover all of the Imagineers and their projects.

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Our first episode features three talented workers who talk about their time within Disneyland; Legend and 

Imagineer Bob Gurr chats about his involve-ment with Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Audio-Animatronic builder Garner Holt discusses his contribution to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, and Imagineer Rolly Crump sits down and talks about his amazing work on it's a small world.

The journey through the Legendneers series continues with three more guests; Disney Imagineer Alan Coats 

talks about his father, Claude Coats working on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Disney Imagineer Ben Colcol who discusses his incredible work on the Rivers of America, and icon Disney Legend and Imagineer Tony Baxter chats about his amazing contribution to Splash Mountain.

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For this electrifying episode we have three more amazing Imagineers; Terri Hardin who shares her story about her 

work on Splash Mountain, Rolly Crump talks about the hard work that went into making a ceiling mobile that could house several different birds for The Enchanted Tiki Room, and Bob Gurr discusses what went into making the Haunted Mansion, particularly the Doombuggies.

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Within this power-house episode are three more Disney Imagineer who have taken the time to share their 

stories and contribution to Disneyland which include; Tony Baxter who chats about his work on various projects like Space Mountain, Alan Coats shares the story about his father's work on Snow White's Scary Adventure, and Michael Broggie talks about Walt Disney's love for trains and working with him.

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To conclude the first season of Legendneers we have three more great Imagineers; Tom Nabbe share his work 

and stories on the Monorail system in the Magic Kingdom, Terri Hardin describes what it was like working on the impressive set of Captain EO and what Michael Jackson was like, and Bob Gurr takes us way back to the Disneyland beginning to share his story on the works of The Jungle Cruise.

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To conclude the first season of Legendneers we have three more great Imagineers; Alan Coats talks about his

father's work on forgotten ride Adventure Thru Inner Space, Imagineer Garner Holt shares his work on the overlay of The Holiday Haunted Mansion, and Disney Imagineer Ben Colcol discuses his contribution on the toe-tapping, knee slapping show The Country Bear Jamboree.

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