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Thank you for your contribution on my Patreon page. For your AND... ACTION! donation you are the first to watch five episodes that have been released just this month. Your viewing will include an episode from Audio Shows, Kingdom Stories, Theme Parkology TV, Muzix Mania, and Convention. 

AUDIO SHOWS - Do You Like Fun Facts

Rectangle Image - Jungle Cruise.png

EPISODE ONE: THE JUNGLE CRUISE - This episode follows host, Joshua Shaffer share the many fun facts within one of Disneyland's earliest and popular attraction, The Jungle Cruise. Climb aboard and discover what the early spiel use to be, how Walt Disney wanted real animals around the cruise, and what the number of gunshots fired at the dangerous hippos really mean. 

KINGDOM STORIES - Moments with Bob Gurr

EPISODE ONE: AUTOPIA - Within this charming episode Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr discusses his work with the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland Autopia attraction. Observe why there was a special maroon car, the many style and designs of the vehicles through the years, the mechanics of each car, and how Bob was introduced to the man himself, Walt Disney 

THEME PARKOLOGY TV - Tales Behind the Screen

EPISODE ONE: MARGARET KERRY - Join us as we take a look into Margaret's work with the 1959 television animated show Clutch Cargo. She shares with us what went into making each episodes, the struggles and craziness of voicing the young Spinner, the simple but effect effects that were used, and discover the many voices that she donated to the classic animated show.

MUZIX MANIA - Park Hoppin' Party

EPISODE ONE: SMALL WORLD STYLE - Welcome to the entertaining antics of Mike Kelley. This first installment is a very unique parody of Psy's Gangnam Style, but spoofs the world's beloved ride it's a small world. This is a great musical song that will have you finger-snapping, foot-stomping, hip-swaying, and will definitely have you singing this fun song through-out the day.

CONVENTION - One on One with the Con

EPISODE ONE: ROCKY THE RHINO - For the first installment of this series we stopped and talked to Disney Animator Floyd Norman who was kind enough to talked about a particular character named Rocky the Rhino within Disney's animated feature The Jungle Book. Find out who he was and why Walt Disney took a look at a screen test and decided not to use him.

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