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Welcome one and all to Berrylandia, a page where you can discover the many theme parks and attractions throughout the world. Join the very talented host Butch Berry as he explores some the world's most thrilling and exciting rides such as; The Joker, Booster Bike Rollercoaster, Birdly VR Flight, Na'vi River Journey, and Lego Ninjago, to name an impressive few.

EPISODE 1 - Splitsville Bowling, Aventura Mall Slide, Final Fantasy Ride, Mario Kart, Star Wars Resort, The Joker, and Dubai Waterslide

EPISODE 2 - The Skyliner, Millennium Falcon, Booster Bike Roller Coaster, Texas Sky Screamer, Christmas Spirit, Tropical Island Water Park, Zip World Forest Coaster

EPISODE 3 - Slide Wheel, Hunger Games, Great America Winter, Queen Mary Dark Harbor, Birdly VR Flight, Biggest Bouncing Castle, and Kraken Unleashed. 

EPISODE 4 - Na’vi River Journey, Ice Cream Museum, Flying Turns, Cage of Death, Unreal Rides, Flight of Passage. Red Force Roller Coaster

EPISODE 5 - Shore Tower, Disneyland Rail-road, Animation Park, Lego Ninjango, Virtual Showdown, Ridge Roller Mountain Coaster, and The Iron Man Experience.

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