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Welcome to Do You Like Fun Facts, the audio show that takes you to the many Disneyland attractions and explores their fun facts. Join our host, Author of Discovering the Magic Kingdom, Joshua Shaffer as he tackles the many secrets and fun facts of each attraction, one ride at a time.

Rectangle Image - Jungle Cruise.png

Episode One - All aboard into this first episode, exploring the fun facts of The Jungle Cruise. This special episode features a short interview with Disney Legend & Imagineer Bob Gurr.

Rectangle Image - it's a small world.png

Episode Two - Time to climb into another boat and sail through the gates of it's a small world. Joshua shares the many fun facts about this whimsical ride and it features and interview with Disney Legend & Imagineer Rolly Crump.

3 Rectangle Image - Space Mountain.png

Episode Three - This week's episode has guest zooming through the fun facts of Space Mountain. Joshua once again treats us to the many secrets and facts of one of Disneyland's famed attractions.

4 Rectangle Image - Haunted Mansion pt 1

Episode Four - Time to climb into a Doombuggie as Joshua share several hauntedly-good secrets about The Haunted Mansion. This is part one of two of this episode.

4 Rectangle Image - Haunted Mansion pt 2

Episode Five - The intriguing fun facts continue with part two of The Haunted

Mansion. Joshua once again climbs into the secrets and fun facts of one of Disneyland's favorite attraction

6 Rectangle Image - Mark Twain Riverboat

Episode Six - All aboard on the fun facts episode on The Mark Twain River boat. Discover the many secrets, history, and facts about one of the most

entertaining water vehicle attraction.

7 Rectangle Image - Roger Rabit Car Toon

Episode Seven - Time to have some crazy fun as we board onto the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin attraction and learn all about the many secrets and fun


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