Welcome to Living the Dream Podcast where host Krista Joy and Kristi Fredericks talks about all things associated with living your dreams. The topics are endless.

Episode 1 - Krista and Kristi have Kristi have put together a list of 35 tips to keep your joy during difficult times. There are so many wonderful tips. I wonder what the number one is?

Episode 3 - Krista and Kristi share the many secrets to organizing, making your life so much easier. This is a great listen to in assisting in decluttering and neatly organizing.

Episode 2 - Krista and Kristi share 10 beauty changes that you should be embrace during our quarantine. In these troubled time this is a good episode to listen to.

Episode 4 - Krista and Kristi talk to Jeff Barnes, author of the Wisdom of Walt. Jeff will discuss life lesson through the words and works of Walt Disney.

Episode 5 - Have you been missing the Disney parks since they’ve been closed? No matter why you’re missing at Disney, we’ve got you covered with today’s episode.

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Episode 6 - This is a FUNtastic episode simply titled, All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Superheroes. It features host of The Adventures of... Podcast, 

Peter Alden. 


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