Welcome to Moments with Bob Gurr, where we will explore the many projects that Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr has worked on. We will travel through the waters of the The Jungle Cruise, speed onto the tracks of Autopia, shiver down the corridors of The Haunted Mansion, and narrowly escape King Kong Encounter.

You can now order Moments with Bob Gurr DVD and enjoy all of the episodes which include; Autopia, The Haunted Mansion, The Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn Bobsled, The Monorail, and the 23rd Olympics.

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Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr shares his story about how he got the job on the Autopia attraction and what it took to get it up and running.
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In this episode the Disney Legend discusses his amazing contribution to Disneyland's famous manor, The Haunted Mansion.
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Bob Gurr sat down with us this week to chat about his adventurous con-tribution to one of the parks original attraction, the Jungle Cruise.
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This episode shares Bob Gurr's con-tribution on one of Diseyland's most popular coaster attraction The Matterhorn Bobsled.
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Bob Gurr sits down with us to chat about his creative involvement with the highway in the Sky, the original Monorail.
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