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ONE ON ONE AT THE CON shares the many talented individuals who attend the conventions for our entertainment. Such talent includes; Authors, Voice Over Artist, Actors, Singers, Illustrators, and so on. This page will not only show you the talent behind each individual, but you will hear some of the behind the scenes information that very few have ever heard.

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Episode 3 - While enjoying a visit at one of California's convention I came across actor Jake Lloyd who was more than happy to discuss his work with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and everyone's Christmas favorite Jingle All the Way.

Episode 2 - The five members of Fifth Harmony (Ally, Normani, Dinah, Lauren, & Camila) took a few moments to chat with us about their humble beginnings and share some of the fun pranks that they play on each other.

Episode 1 - We stopped by the table of Disney animator Floyd Norman, who takes the time to talk about Rocky the Rhino who was suppose to be in the animated film The Jungle Book, but was cut from the film. Find out why Walt Disney removed it.

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