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Welcome to The Tales Behind the Screen page. This section of the Network is dedicated to the amazing actors, voice over artists, puppeteers, writers, videographers, and so on, who work hard to entertain us within television and films. We will hear from the talented individuals who have worked on various types of films and they will share some behind the scenes stories of some of your favorite films.
Margaret Kerry who is best known for her role as the original reference model for Tinker Bell, shares her experience with the 1959 television show Clutch Cargo. She talks about what it took to get the series done and the many actors that worked with her on the project.
This is a charming story of the adventure of Clutch Cargo television show. 
Voice Over Artist Bill Farmer has voiced many characters throughout his career, but he is best known for his role as Goofy. Bill sat down with us to discuss his work on the classic hit film A Goofy Movie, where he reprises his role as the goof.
There is a great story that Bill shares about him and his son. It a story.
Talented Voice Over Artist June Foray sat down with us and discussed in detail how she began her voicing career, starting off as a piano player and a dancer before her mother took her to acting class.
June also talks about how she got the role of Rocky in the Rocky and Bullwinkle series, who at first she thought was a stupid idea.
It was a joy knowing the late Disney artist Ron Dias. One one particular day Ron sat down and discussed his work on Disney animated television show The Little Mermaid. Join us as Ron shares the story of how he wanted every scene within the animated series to have a different color that would in turn set the tone of each scene. This is an amazing interview from and amazing young man.
You may not know the name Floyd Norman but chances are you have seen his work. He has worked on such Disney animated films as; Sleeping Beauty, Fox and the Hound, Mary Poppins, and Monsters, Inc., to name a few. Floyd shares his adventure on how he became an in-betweener at the Disney studio and what it was like working on one of Disney's classic animated film, The Jungle Book.
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