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An adventurous podcast that explores the world of superheroes, hosted by Peter Alden and Peter Gould. Together they fight crime by discussing

all topic related to superheroes;                     actors, writers, voice over artist, and everything that's in                        between. 

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Episode 0: Welcome to the pre-episode hosted by Peter Alden and Pete Gould. This episode has the dynamic boys introducing themselves as well as the premise of their show.

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Episode 2: Continues with TR, which held licensing for DC and Marvel Comics as well as TV shows The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek, Planet Of The Apes and Kojak (among others). 

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Episode 4: Join us as we explore the world of Super-man. John Field is widely regarded in the entertainment industry as one of the most knowledgeable Reeves experts in the world.

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Episode 6: Peter and Pete share an amazing interview with John Davey, the man who played the role of the  amazing Captain Marvel in the seventies hit morning show Shazam.

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Episode 1: takes a deep look into the 1970's phenomena of Power Records.  These were audio stories with full casts, music and, in some cases, a comic book to read along with the story. 

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Episode 3: Holy Sidekick.  This episode shares a very rare interview with the king of sidekicks and the original boy wonder Burt Ward. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

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Episode 5: In this episode the dynamic hosts talk about the 1974-1977 television show SHAZAM. This episode is part one of two and is a great show that shouldn't be missed. 

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Episode 7: This time the Dynamic Hosts chat about the first Spider-man TV show that aired in 1977 and starred Nicholas Hammond. You don't want to miss this web slinging episode.

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