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"We all have children. As parents there is nothing more important than our childs well being. We are grieved when our little ones are sick with fever or the common cold. And when the need comes to take our loved ones to the hospital for surgery our hearts strain with fear, hope, and prayers.

It is comforting, in a small way, to know that there are such amazing doctors and nurses that will do what ever it takes to better your child. The Fresno Children's Hospital is such a place and for that I am forever thankful"

THE CAUSE: When my daughter Savannah was 7 years old she started to have really bad stomach pains. It was heartbreaking to see her in such discomfort and even more unsettling to hear that our local doctor couldn't diagnose what was wrong with her.

On the doctor's recommendation we took her to the Los Banos hospital where again many test were given and no answer were discovered. This time, seeing the pain in my daughters face, they told us to take her to Fresno's Children's Hospital.

The drive was long, but upon entering the hospital they quickly took her in to run yet again more test. This time they found a growth attached to her intestines. Immediate surgery was needed and as they carted her away a sudden explosion of worry set in.


As parents, I am sure that you are well aware of the misery of having your baby girl or boy sick. It is a feeling unmatched by any other. We paced the lobby floor as the time slowed to a trickle. Finally, the doctor came out to tell us that the operation had been successful.

A few weeks later we found out that the growth was not cancerous. Our little girl was out of harms way.

Fast forward to August of 2017. My grandson Ethan was born. It was a very exciting moment as he arrived into our world ready to be held and loved. The excitement was short lived as one of the nurses within the delivering room noticed that Ethan's breathing was irregular.

And just like that a moment of joy and happiness turned into fear and sadness.

Ethan was whisked away to be tested and it was discovered that his two main heart valves were switched. That meant after just entering our world he was to have heart surgery. 

Again, we paced the lobby floor, lost lots of tears, and whispered positive prayers.

The surgery was a success. Ethan would begin his journey of several therapy sessions.

I am thrilled to announce that my grandson is a healthy 11 month young boy who loves the outdoors, playing with his grand-pop, and crawling all over the house, exploring his small world. His cute smile and silly laughter brings my heart to immeasurable happiness.

I wanted to do my part in assisting with the needs of the Children's Hospital. No parent should have to journey down that road of having their son or their daughter need surgery or live with an incurable sickness. But we live in a world where it's common. Every day a child needs a hospital and these

spectacular hospital work endless hours to make sure that every child is comforted and that every incident turns into a success rate. The staff there are, in my opinion, angels sent to care for the ones that matter most in our lives - our families. Without them my daughter would have been terrified rolling down the hallway into surgery and my grandson may not be here today.

I have to do my part.

So please join me on my cause, not for me, not only for Ethan, but for all the children in need. Heaven forbid your child needs to go to the hospital, but if they do it's a blessing to have these amazing angels at the Fresno Children's Hospital.

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