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                       is dedicated to a very special project that I'm producing, one that is so close to my heart, a music CD entitled, Singing with Friends. It is a project in which several of my friends have come together to lend me their time and vocals for a cause that is desperately needed, The Merced Children's Hospital.

The first of hopefully many CDs will be themed. This years theme is Heartbreak. All the songs that the singers are singing will be heartbreak songs so you may want to listen to it with tissues in hand. I love a good heartbreak ballad.

75% of the proceeds will go directly to the Merced Children's Hospital and 25% of it will go to fund next years CD.

Please click on the circle images to better familiar yourself with the cause and the people who are donating their time and talent.

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I am very pleased to be working on a very special project that will benefit many children in need. I will be producing a Disney Cover Charity CD, with most of the proceeds going to The Fresno Children's Hospital. The money will go towards the high cost of keeping each child healthy.


Each of the songs will be sung by very talented artists who have donated their time and vocals, just to make a difference in these sick children's lives.

This is a cause that I strongly believe in and I urge you to click onto the links below to discover;


The Cause - why this charity means so much to me.

The Singers - meet the talent behind this disc.

The Updates - will share the progress of the CD.

Together, we can put smiles on several children's face and assist in easing the worries of parents. As a father of four girls and grandfather of two granddaughters and one grandson, I can honestly say that without our children;s laughter there is only heartbreak.

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